How did we solve the fake marriage proposal case?

There was a marriage proposal received from a Bangalore guy. He said he was working with a reputed IT company there. Initially itself disclosed doesn’t stay with parents because of personal issues, visited the girls family 3-4 times. They started dating for almost 3 months and then decided to get married, he said he is going to New York for official work then after he returns will get married.

Suddenly all communication stopped, girl thought he might have met with an accident or something? Once we started investigation first realised the person with that name doesn’t work in the given company. The address given was also fake, girl was worried, we further investigated and found the name of the boy was something else, working with some other company, married with 2 kids, wife also working in IT company at Bangalore. Got all the evidences, however the client (girl) refused to proceed with Police complaint as it would create more issues for her.

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